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29,91 EUR*
Details World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students

World Class Learners To succeed in the global economy, students need to think like entrepreneurs. Zhao unlocks secrets to cultivating independent thinkers who can create jobs and contribute positively to the globalized society. Full description

47,95 EUR*
Details Job Interview Corpus: Data Transcription and Major Topics in Corpus Linguistics

The aim of this book and its accompanying audio files is to make accessible a corpus of 40 authentic job interviews conducted in English. The recordings and transcriptions of the interviews published here may be used by students, teachers and ...

13,75 EUR*
Details Lila Worlds Best Student Nurse weiß Thermobecher 371

Worlds Best Reise-Tassen, mit verschiedenen Job, Wörtern und Farben erhältlich Die Becher sind von uns auf unserer High-End-Pressen zu produzieren eine erstaunliche gedruckt Drucken. Becher sind 14 Unzen Kapazität. Von Hand spülen

14,99 EUR*
Details All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience

All Work, No Pay This comprehensive guide from "Intern Queen" Berger shows students how to land impressive internships and get the most out of them--from work experience to networking to resume building. Full description

56,30 EUR*
Details Writing for the Real World

A paragraph-to-essay level rhetoric, Writing for the Real World focuses on career-related writing since most developmental students are employed in full or part-time jobs. To assimilate key skills, students practice writing single or multi-paragraph ...

61,96 EUR*
Details How to Be an Investment Banker: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Landing the Job. + Website (Wiley Finance Editions)

A top-notch resource for anyone who wants to break into the demanding world of investment banking For undergraduates and MBA students, this book offers the perfect preparation for the demanding and rigorous investment banking recruitment process. It ...

7,97 EUR*
Details Nightwatch - Nachtwache [Blu-ray]

Der Student Martin übernimmt einen Job als Nachtwächter der pathologischen Abeilung eines Krankenhauses. Dort werden regelmäßig die Opfer eines Serienmörd

29,50 EUR*
Details How to Pass the Civil Service Qualifying Tests: The Essential Guide for Clerical and Fast Stream Applicants (Elite Students Serie)

How to Pass the Civil Service Qualifying Tests The recruitment process for jobs in the Civil Service is tough. Competition is fierce, especially for applicants entering via the Fast Stream process, and candidates must pass qualifying tests to stand a ...

8,71 EUR*
Details The Bankruptcy Diaries

The Bankruptcy Diaries It's the year 2000 and Paul Livingson is in his first office job in Bristol. With student debts hanging over him, Paul still wants to live the high life: holidays in Europe, booze-fuelled nights of excess, designer fashions. But ...

9,49 EUR*
Details The Arm of the Starfish

The Arm of the Starfish A marine biology student reporting to his summer job on an island off Portugal finds himself at the center of a power struggle between his boss and another group of Americans. Full description

9,99 EUR*
Details The Kingdom of Childhood

'It's the job of adults to teach teenagers to be responsible. That's what grownups do.' You've fallen for your son's best friend. You are a teacher. You are abusing your power, your responsibility...your student. You know it's wrong. But you cannot ...

66,77 EUR*
Details Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach

Students today are likely to be assigned to project teams or to be project managers almost immediately in their first job. "Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach" was written for a wide range of stakeholders, including project managers, project ...

61,44 EUR*
Details Learning Mastercam Mill: Step by Step

Learning Mastercam Mill An introduction to Mastercam Mill for students with little or no prior experience, this reference can be used in virtually any educational setting and should also serve as a reliable reference for an the job or study manual ...

17,20 EUR*
Details How to Start a Home-Based Tutoring Business

Private tutoring represents a billion-dollar industry in the United States, serving millions of students a year. For educators, a home-based tutoring business may represent a part-time job to supplement their teaching income, a flexible career choice ...

37,69 EUR*
Details Reading and Writing the World with Mathematics (Critical Social Thought)

Reading and Writing the World with Mathematics Mathematics education in the United States can reproduce social inequalities whether schools use either "basic-skills" curricula to prepare mainly low-income students of color for low-skilled service jobs ...

164,55 EUR*
Details Business Communication: Process and Product (with Printed Access Card) (Available Titles Aplia)

Business Communication BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: PROCESS AND PRODUCT, 7 is designed to prepare students for success in today's digital workplace as well as tips on job searching skills. The textbook and accompanying Web site explains the basics of ...

12,72 EUR*
Details 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College: The Know-How You Need to Succeed

10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College You'll learn a lot of things in college, but there's one thing the textbooks won't teach you: how to acquire marketable job skills before you graduate.Award-winning college professor and student adviser ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Martin Brest talking to Martin Brest on the set of the movie Scent of a Woman.

Size 10" x 6.6"  Martin Brest talking to Martin Brest on the set of the movie Scent of a Woman.Scent of a Woman is a 1992 American drama film produced and directed by Martin Brest that tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar dancing in one of the scenes from the movie, "Scent of a Woman".

Size 10" x 6.5"  Scent of a Woman is a 1992 American drama film produced and directed by Martin Brest that tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to an irascible, blind, medically retired Army officer. The film ...